Brand-new Delhi – Agra : Jaipur – Osian : Jodhpur

“Amazing culinary and culture tour in the golden triangle. ”
Foodie Excursions in India
This food tour will take care of New Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, Osian, Jodhpur and some other lesser known sites like Sambhar Lake along the way. There will be plenty of culinary activities like foods walks in New Delhi, Jaipur, preparing food classes, spice demonstrations, traditional cooking with villagers along with lots of fun and adventure with activities like camel safari in sweet, playing and riding elephants, social song, dance evenings plus more. It will be an easy paced culinary tour with lots to find out, do, eat and cook.
Vacation highlights
2 street food tours in Delhi as well as Jaipur
Indian and Rajasthani preparing food demo in Jodhpur
only two market visits, learn in relation to Indian spices, salt expedition at Sambahar Lake
Go to Taj Mahal, Agra Fort, temples, museums, monument, palaces
Rajasthani whole village dinner over camp flame with songs and dance
Royal dinner with aristocratic spouse and children in Jaipur
8 foods, 7 breakfasts, 6 lunches
8 nights luxury accommodation
4 day(s) together with instructions
English, Hindi
India Food Tour in Delhi, Jaipur, Jodhpur System
Delhi food tour (day 2)
A terrific way to be introduced to Indian cuisine and culture, this trip will fixed the mood for other trip. You will arrive at sample about 15-18 models of food dishes each using its own place in dishes of Delhi, as you visit 10 or higher food joints in Outdated Delhi, Central and South Delhi. The food joint that you’re going to visit have been there since many generations and are known for their quality and taste in the food that they offer. You will visit places that happen to be 110 to 40 years.
This trip in the old section of Delhi will find you walking from the narrow medieval streets involving Delhi. Here you can sample many Indian sweet treats like samosa, lassi, butter rooster, kulfi (Indian ice cream), melt inside mouth kebabs and numerous such variants. You notice the different lanes usually are marked for selling unique variations of goods ranging from party invitation cards, spices, camera, utensils, bicycles, clothes, shoes, veggies, etc.

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