Review of Indian Food Tours in Delhi

““It gives you a peak into ordinary Indians’ lives” It took me long to write this review. I enjoyed this tour about a month and a half ago.

One of the most impressive memories about this tour was I could be in the midst of the hustle-bustle of traditional Indian markets with all the crowd, but feel safe and enjoy all the unique and delicious Indian foods.Rajeev was such a pleasant guy and very passionate about letting more people know about Indian foods. His sense of humor and character made the tour more fun and enjoyable.
His colleague, Jaidev also made sure that everybody was safe, and took photos of your enjoying foods without your knowing. We tried five or six different dishes with good explanation about the ingredients, how they were made, and what was special about each. At the end of the day, we had our final dinner on the hood of Raj’s car -That was also so fun! It was such a shame that I could not eat that much because my stomach had already reached its limitation.My friend and I took the tour as one of our last legs in India. We both wished he had chosen that as our first activity in India. To be honest, as we approached the end of our trip, we were a bit tired of Indian spices and food and started to miss our regular foods. Therefore, one of my personal tips is to schedule this tour as one of your first activities in India and, if possible, book it on weekdays. We enjoyed it on a Sunday, and had to face terrible, terrible traffic jam and crowd – Rej said they were strangely much more terrible than other days, and usually there were not that much traffic and crowd, though.” #cookingclass #foodtours #tourism #india #foodwalk #food #delhi #travel #cooking


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