Udaipur Food Tour

Food Walks in Udaipur

Part of the food walk involves walk in old traditional markets of Udaipur to visit some essential food joints while we drive to some places which are too far away. All the expenses inclusive of cost of food, transport and entry fee for monuments is included in the price charged, so the guests don’t have to pay anything extra. A large number of varied dishes with their origins in Mewar region of Rajasthan and neighbouring state of Gujarat are included in walk. Each dish is sourced from the most famous and most reputed food joints operating in Udaipur for decades and in some instances, multiple generations Some examples of the delectable food included in the food walks are Mirchi Vada, different types of Kachauris with different stuffings, Onion Samosas, Daal Baati Choorma the signature dish of Rajasthan and many others from places like Jagdish Mishthan Bhandar, Paliwal and many others. All of this is a mixture of some great street food as well as food from air-conditioned places where you can sit in relative peace and quiet to enjoy the flavours. Meat is a part of traditional Rajasthani cuisine and is represented by the iconic Laal Maans, a type of mutton curry. But Mewari cuisine of Udaipur is rather famous for it’s vegetarian food which consists of kachauris, vadas etc. mentioned earlier.


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