Jaipur Food Tours & Travel Packages

Sightseeing & Food Walks in Jaipur
The walled city of Jaipur can be described in two ways for Jaipur tours, inside the walled city and outside the walled city. Both offer extravagant sights, tastes and sounds which are similar yet diametrically opposite to each other. In Jaipur travel packages, we include sightseeing and city walk tours of the city starting with the City Palace. A full palace complex which houses the Chandra Mahal and Mubarak Mahal, this is one of the best architectural master pieces in India and forms a vital part of all Jaipur tours. It is from this palace that the heroics and legends of the valiant Rajputs were seeded. The Palace walls are witness to the awe-inspiring history of the Rajput grandeur and elegance. Peacock Gate, the main entry edifice to the Palace is one of the most beautiful attractions of the city.

The walled city is also known for its authentic Rajasthani food which in itself is a brand ambassador for the grandeur of Rajasthan. One of the more famous dishes of Jaipur is Kota Kachori which is served with mint sauce. Another famous snack is the Khasta Urad Dal Kachori. Eating the Kachori accompanied with a glass hot tea (chai) will give you an exact idea about taste of the Jaipur street food.


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